Sunday, July 11, 2010

something homey

My husband is difficult to buy or make for.  He doesn't have a lot of hobbies and most of them require specialized knowledge.  It's much easier to buy him a gift card for a sporting goods store than to find out I got the wrong size/kind of arrowhead, fishing lure, etc.  Well, with money being tight, that's not an option, so I asked him what kinds of things I could make for him (for Father's Day in particular).  He had some sensible, practical suggestions, of course, being a guy.  At the last Chick's Night Out sewing session at Associated Sewing in St. Paul (shameless plug here), I made him a simple pillow cover for a travel size pillow.  It was actually the second.  The first one was a trial and intended to be an inner cover, as it was made out of a large scrap of thin white cotton - probably a recycled sheet.  The one I made Friday was of dark blue plaid flannel (someone else's reject/leftovers), nice and cozy.  He's been using it since.  One pillow is just not enough for him, but two big pillows are too much.  This seems to fit the bill.  I'd include a picture but he's napping with it at the moment.